Create Platform Event on Salesforce

Go to Integration and then select Platform Events

Select create new platform events

Provide the necessary details

Create custom field in Event

Provide the necessary details for custom events

Last we can see the Event we have created


In MuleSoft, create a Saleforce connector

Provide the username, password and security token

Test the connection

First we create a Publish Event flow to create a new event

Add the transformation which will create a Event payload

Event dropdown will be prepopulated and we can select the appropriate event

Transform the received payload from Saleforce connector

Add a logger to capture the response

Accordingly lets create a Subscriber flow which will listen to Event and log it

Subscribe to event

It should be defined like – /event/<event name>

Add a log to capture the event payload

Runt the project – http://localhost:8081/publishPlatformEvent on browser

Accordingly, we can see the logs

Download the Sample project –

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  1. Raj

    How do you reprocess the failed messages. Ex: if replay id’s 10,18,26 have failed. How do you capture these id’s and reprocess the 3 failed messages?

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